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miamibs's Journal

MIAMI BOARDING SCHOOL;Where only the rich survive
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WELCOME!!to Miami Boarding School.

Rules and Regulations
(one);No OC drama,its pointless and takes TOO much time out of our day.Anyone starting OC drama,while be AUTOMATICALLY kicked out.
(two);Please have a first entry up when you apply,no 'i'll have it up in an hour' thing.We won't accept you until the first entry is up.(unless your special.)
(three);NO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS until atleast 4 girls & 4 guys are taken.Thats a rule we must stick by,if you REALLY want an OC talk to a mod,and we'll think about it.
(four);Have an AIM & Journal that fits your character!!:]
(five);HAve fun!!! yayay!!!
(six);To make sure you read the rules put 'scene is the new emo'
(seven);Place AIM in info,so that people know how to contact you.
(eight);HOLDS FOR 24 HRS. ONLY(unless you've been made an acception for.)

Background Info
The Community
This is a premade community,as more premades get taken more will be made.See?This is based on a fictional school in Miami,Florida.All the students here,are here because they have something unique about them.Thinking of the breakfast club?Well each of our students have certain "LABELS" that they go by.A Reason why they were choosen for this school,and ofcourse cause none of there parents wanted to deal with them,and they had the money to send em off.Everyone that comes to this school,has some kind of problem that there parents hope they can work through,and realize just because you have a problem..doesn't mean you have to be ashamd of it.Some problems the parents just couldn't handle..so now,there here.

Bay: 15.peaceaholic.AIMSIPSOMEBAYLEE
Seth: 17.teamstump.AIMSNITCHORTALKER